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Inside 'rodeo Girl' Darcy La Pier's Closet

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Cowboy boots are no longer for the country as they're becoming more of a fashion staple.cowboy boots for toddlers /> Were drying the hides that will be made into purses, luggage and cowboy boots. For this rodeo queen, juggling a fashion career is just another chapter in her lifes saga, which has included high-profile marriages to actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, the founder of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion and the founder of Herbalife. Im still a bit of a glamour girl, but also a rough, tough cowgirl, La Pier admitted. I balance the two quite well. Boots owned: 15, including lifestyle and performance Boot brands: Justin custom crepe-sole boots for competition and Gauteraux & Co. for going to town. Fashion footwear owned: 200 pairs. In my past life, I was very much into fashion. The shoes are so nice, I couldnt throw or give them away.
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What your boots say about you

Sky-high booties The best will cost you a pretty penny. Here are some options for people who want the cream of the crop. Favorite Items: Robert Cavalli Disco Tex Texano Boot $250 and Cakewalk Red Cowboy Boots $140 (right, currently on sale for $75) Spare No Expense Of all the cowboy boots we saw, these were the most true to the "classic" style. Theyre made of the finest materials and promise to give real comfort to growing feet. Favorite Items: Frye Harness Pull-On $80 and Geox KidsJcowboy1 $100 (right) Not Pinching Pennies Pink cowboy boots werent hard to find at all. In fact for little girls theres a surplus of them.
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Cowboy Boots for Little Girls

"They are part of authentic American Western life/culture, as well as the Nashville scene, explains Mathieson. "Those who love Western boots relate to the country' aspect. Women who rock very colorful or bling versions are prone to wear costume-y looks and enjoy the attention their flash attracts. Shop the look:Old Gringo Lauren Boots ( , $449) 4 Boots built for walking Can't get enough of boots that are easy to walk in? This shows that you are ready for anything and that you value comfort more than (or just as much as) style. "Some supportive boots can be fashionable too, like certain rain boots, says Bianca. "Cozy boots are great for playing with the little ones on a snow day or running to the store to pick up groceries. The woman who prefers them tends to be practical, and she's also a family woman who values review quality time with her partner and kids. Shop the look:Bogs Footwear Summit Boot ( , $100) 5 Over-the-knee boots Over-the-knee boots emphasize a youthful sexuality. "If they are flat and sleek, she makes a subtle and tasteful sexual statement that's within her comfort zone, explains Mathieson.
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I just found a selection of pint sized cowboy boots for that special little lady in your life! From about the time Britt was four years old, she developed this thing for cowboy boots. I have no idea how many she owns at the moment, but she just bought another pair while in California. That girl definitely takes after her grandmother. Has your little darling been asking for a pair of her own?
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These Boots Are Made for Walkin': Steal Lola Rose Sheen's cowboy boot style

A classic flared jean or corduroys work well over cowboy boots. Add a blazer over a draped top and you're ready to hit the mall or do lunch with the girls in style. Cowboy boots come in different styles and prints so even if you're not into the look, try on several different styles. You never know, you might end up liking them after all! Your comments are greatly appreciated!
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Hat, belt and boots make the cowboy cool

PG Products Naturally there is a huge stock of off-the-rack boots available, ranging in price from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Real boot makers understand that comfort, fit and durability keep customers coming back. The ability to create unique designs with a variety of heel heights, toe styles and hands-on craftsmanship is all part of the attraction. Lucchese moved its headquarters to El Paso in the 1980s, when the family sold the business. Today, the handmade boot business is booming with lots of small custom boot makers scattered throughout Texas and other Western states.
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