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Dillon Boot Maker Shares Western Footwear Craft

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Cowboy boots are no longer for the country as they're becoming more of a fashion staple. Schwarz Custom Boots offers four two-week classes each year and often they fill up quickly. It hosts classes in March, January, August and October. The upcoming August class still has openings. For more information on Schwarz Custom Boots classes, check out its website at Reporter Chelsi Moy can be reached at 523-5260 or at Photographer Michael Gallacher can be reached at 523-5270 or at
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Hat, belt and boots make the cowboy cool

PG Products Want to wear cowboy boots to work? Keep your outfit structured with the focus on your boots. A knit dress with minimal jewelry and a patterned boot keeps your look polished and work appropriate. Ready to kick back on the weekend? Change out your regular footwear for boots. A classic flared jean or corduroys work well over cowboy boots. Add a blazer over a draped top and you're ready to hit the mall or do lunch with the girls in style.
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5 fun, offbeat trends of Southern proms (Real Alabama with photos)

On the flip side, some girls are buying blinged-out cowboy boots encrusted with rhinestones or even Swarovski crystals, such as . 2. Creative Promposals. Despite the fact that some naysayers claim this trend is too much like marriage proposals, high school boys continue to elevate promposals to more clever heights. A Facebook friend described this incident that occurred Saturday in Madison: My husband and I were toiling away in the yard yesterday when a rickety old pickup truck entered our cul-de-sac. The extremely loud muffler, or lack thereof, caught our attention and we peered over the privacy fence. Five young men jumped from the truck.
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Cowboy boots: This kickin’ fashion staple is a wardrobe workhorse

published Friday, July 8th, 2011 Cowboy boots: This kickin fashion staple is a wardrobe workhorse enlarge photo Cowboy boots have taken a big step forward in fashion circles make that two steps forward. The traditional footwear of Western bars, barns and rodeos is landing on the feet of fashionistas. Many women say their Western boots are not only suitable for work and play, but theyre fun to wear. Lauren Alaina Suddeth regularly put cowboy boots in the national limelight while competing in American Idol. Her pink cowboy boots, provided by The Prado Collection at Hamilton Place, were especially memorable. Chuck Prado, who owns the high-end formalwear store with wife Vikki, said there has been a demand for that style since Suddeth first wore them on air. Atlanta fashion designer Christian Caldwell-Wiley, a Chattanooga native, said the fact that the Rossville teen paired them with a cocktail dress shows the year-round versatility of cowboy boots.
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These Boots Are Made for Walkin': Steal Lola Rose Sheen's cowboy boot style

Here are some options for stealing her cowgirl style. Nothings Too Good If youre a true red-blooded cowboy fanatic youll probably opt for cowboy boots that are made from the finest leathers. The best will cost you a pretty penny. Here are some options for people who want the cream of the crop. Favorite Items: Robert Cavalli Disco Tex Texano Boot $250 and Cakewalk Red Cowboy Boots $140 (right, currently on sale for $75) Spare No Expense Of all the cowboy boots we saw, these were the most true to the "classic" style. Theyre made of the finest materials and promise to give real comfort to growing feet.
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Lambros ERA Hamilton Pope John Paul II, Tommy Lee Jones and Matt Damon are among celebs who have hats from his modest shop in San Antonio. Patricia Sheridan Hound dog-style cowgirl buckle is $135, or $155 Patricia Sheridan Custom-made Reno Rodeo Belt Buckle by Hy O Silver with solid sterling silver, gold-filled scrolls: $700. Add a hat and a one-of-a-kind belt buckle and it becomes abundantly clear how the West was won and why the cowboys will beat the aliens every time. Like putting on a superhero costume, the three cornerstones of authentic Western wear -- the hat, the boots and the buckle -- have the power to put a swagger in your step and steel in your spin. There are plenty of places in this country where these are staples of everyday wardrobes, but you don't have to be a cattle wrangler to wear them. Sources "My hats are worn by lots of celebrities," said Abe Cortez, third-generation owner of Paris Hatters, custom hatters since 1917. Located in San Antonio a block or so from the Alamo, the shop hasn't changed much over the years, with every available space used to display some of the 300 dozen toppers in stock. If you buy on the premises, they ring up the purchase on the old hand-cranked register. The lack of a modern habitat for the hats is much of the appeal girl toddler cowboy boots for the regulars and greenhorns who stop in.
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