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‘a Girl Walks Home Alone At Night’ Teaser: Meet Iran’s First Vampire Western

American Girl 'Saige' brings western theme to game for girls

Anything we deem as spam will not be approved. So when the claim can be made that A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is the first Iranian vampire western, and one directed by a woman, to boot, theres plenty reason to be curious. The film isAna Lily Amirpours debut as a director, and will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival later this month. Oh, and the film comes from SpectreVision, which is the relatively new genre-oriented company created byElijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller.
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Girl Scouts cookie sales extended through March 30

Girl Scouts Brownie Troop 7697 created a promotional cookie sales video they hope goes viral On various dates from January 17th through March 28th, the American Girl store will be hosting a scavenger hunt wherein girls will search for fun facts about Saige. These events are a great way for girls to learn about the Girl of the Year, meet other girls with similar interests or have a mother-daughter bonding activity. Each girl who participates in the scavenger hunt will receive a free poster to take home. Click on cowboy boots for young girls this American Girl event schedule to find a date and time that works for you! Subscribe to the St. Louis Children's Recreation Examiner or "like" Jae's Jampacked Days for St.
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Dillon boot maker shares Western footwear craft

Grizzly Lawn Care and Landscape My writing assignment takes me outside the western side of Rocky Mountain National Park near Granby, Colorado to the Drowsy Water Ranch . Its June and the weather is forecast to be sunny for the next several days. Perfect. The guest packet I was sent from the Drowsy Water outlined everything that I would need and what activities I would expect to participate in. This is extremely helpful when you are used to going on backpacking trips but have no idea what to pack for a dude ranch. I drive up Interstate 70 and turn onto a dirt road which winds up a narrow valley outside of town and find myself in another time. Im greeted by of the Fosha family who have owned the ranch since 1977 who take turns giving me the tour. All guests are oriented to the ranch this way so youll know where your quarters are, where the food is served and eventually which horse you are assigned to.
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Hat, belt and boots make the cowboy cool

PG Products Mother Nature is largely to blame -- or to thank -- for that. Girl Scouts Brownie Troop 7697 in Dubuque is particularly excited for the extension. While they have almost met their troop goals for cookies sales, they created a promotional video this month they hope goes viral, and this extension will allow more people to see it and buy cookies. Part of selling Girl Scout cookies is learning about marketing, hence the girls' video. People familiar with the Grammy Award-winning song "Royals," by Lorde, will recognize the tune. These Girl Scouts, however, renamed the song "Loyals." While these Table Mound Elementary School third graders may disagree on which Girl Scout cookie is their favorite, they all agree selling cookies in this winter's weather hasn't been easy.
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GIRL_POSTER_V6_flat "Those who love Western boots relate to the country' aspect. Women who rock very colorful or bling versions are prone to wear costume-y looks and enjoy the attention their flash attracts. Shop the look:Old Gringo Lauren Boots ( , $449) 4 Boots built for walking Can't get enough of boots that are easy to walk in? This shows that you are ready for anything and that you value comfort more than (or just as much as) style. "Some supportive boots can be fashionable too, like certain rain boots, says Bianca. "Cozy boots are great for playing with the little ones on a snow day or running to the store to pick up groceries. The woman who prefers them tends to be practical, and she's also a family woman who values quality time with her partner and kids. Shop the look:Bogs Footwear Summit Boot ( , $100) 5 Over-the-knee boots Over-the-knee boots emphasize a youthful sexuality. "If they are flat and sleek, she makes a subtle and tasteful sexual statement that's within her comfort zone, explains Mathieson. "However, if they are high heels, she is walking on thin ice, giving off an overt sexual message, and that may be exactly what this woman wants. Shop the look:GUESS Zonia Over-the-Knee Boots ( , $200) 6 Riding boots Riding boots are of course the right garb for any equestrian.
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From high heels to cowboy boots: a city girl goes to the ranch

Washington Monument reopens May 12; closed for almost three years to repair damage from earthquake Since 2001, the family has been making cowboy boots, slowly at first, trying to maintain both a repair shop and a boot-making business. Back then, a basic pair of handmade boots went for $425, and most of the clientele actually worked in the boots. Within six months of opening their doors as boot makers, Schwarz and Crane were six months behind in orders. By 2005, 80 percent of the business was custom boot making. Only one week a month would the family take the time to repair shoes. *** On average, it takes 40 hours spread out over two weeks to make a pair of boots.
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What your boots say about you

Sky-high booties Patricia Sheridan Hound dog-style cowgirl buckle is $135, or $155 Patricia Sheridan Custom-made Reno Rodeo Belt Buckle by Hy O Silver with solid sterling silver, gold-filled scrolls: $700. Add a hat and a one-of-a-kind belt buckle and it becomes abundantly clear how the West was won and why the cowboys will beat the aliens every time. Like putting on a superhero costume, the three cornerstones of authentic Western wear -- the hat, the boots and the buckle -- have the power to put a swagger in your step and steel in your spin. There are plenty of places in this country where these are staples of everyday wardrobes, but you don't have to be a cattle wrangler to wear them. Sources "My hats are worn by lots of celebrities," said Abe Cortez, third-generation owner of Paris Hatters, custom hatters since 1917. Located in San Antonio a block or so from the Alamo, the shop hasn't changed much over the years, with every available space used to display some of the 300 dozen toppers in stock. If you buy on the premises, they ring up the purchase on the old hand-cranked register. The lack of a modern habitat for the hats is much of the appeal for the regulars and greenhorns who stop in.
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